Petition for Feasibiity Study of Bike Path on Glenmore Rd


This letter was received by Doug Elmore recently regarding the Glenmore bike path feasibility study:

Thank you for submitting your petition for the City of Kelowna and the District of Lake Country to undertake a feasibility study of constructing a bike path along Glenmore Rd from McKinley Landing Rd to Okanagan Centre Rd. As a follow-up to your petition, a budget submission has been made for funding in 2009 to undertake this feasibility study. I believe that Council will be deliberating on the 2009 budget in early January.

I trust this meets your needs at this time.

Best regards,
Ron Westlake

Doug then writes:
So, we’re at Step 2, we’ve done the 1100 signature petition, and the City has been moved by it. I think Step 3 is to rally the cycling community by making sure that everyone who signed the petition is put in the path of knowing that the project has moved forward. Also, it seems to me that we need the BC Cycling coalition to get on board some more with this specific project, and our larger schemes, the “Soaring Eagle” wine tourism route, and the push for Kelowna going Platinum Cycling Designation, like Portland, Oregon. Ideas from anyone will be much appreciated. I’m thinking we make hay during the civic election to make sure our issues are known by the public, and known by the politicians beyond our allies Mayor Shepherd and Robert Hobson.


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