The Glenmore Valley Community Association candidates forum Wed Oct 29th


Fellow cyclists:

Here is a wonderful opportunity to get some good publicity for cycling.
Please consider having a bit of fun and supporting cycling in our

The Glenmore Valley Community Association is having an all candidates
forum this coming wed. evening at 7 pm at the Kelowna Bible Chapel,
across Bernard Ave. from the Apple Bowl.

The format is a bit different in that the directors of the association
will be spending about 30 to 45 min. addressing the council candidates
about issues of interest to Glenmore and North Glenmore.  Once the
presentation is over the candidates will have the opportunity to take
some refreshment and meet the candidates.

I, as a director, will be speaking briefly about transportation, mainly
non motorized transport and bus service/facilities.  I will also be
speaking about a Smart Growth BC pamphlet we will be providing the
audience and candidates.

I make a point of riding my bike to all of our directors and general
meetings to let people know that a bike is a practical method of getting
around even when it is colder out and dark.

It would be fantastic if you could bike to and from the meeting.  There
is no bike parking anywhere nearby so bring the bike into the
downstairs.  This is a really effective way to make a gentle point to
our mayor and prospective council members and if we can get a lot of
cyclists to turnout may well make a difference in their attitudes once
they become council members.

Please consider turning up on a bike.  It’s time that cyclists started
to let our city know that they too have a vote.

Also please consider asking a cycling friend or two to come out in
support.  There will be coffee and cookies to recharge before heading

Thank you,

John C. Suttie
Cyclist, member B.C. Sustainable Energy Assoc.
and director of the Glenmore Valley Community Assoc.
PS There will be a door prize for someone arriving by bike.


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