These are a few of my favourite things


Son of a gun it was cold last night. Biking east-west was like biking up hill both ways. Sometime in the future remember it was -20 in the second week of March.

Part of my regular route these days is Burtch Ave, Guisachan Rd, Stillingfleet, Cameron and Morrison. There is a wonderful pedestrian crossing at Gordon and Cameron that could use a bicycle friendly light activation switch. I am going to ask the city for one.

Do you have a favourite route you would like others to know about? Write us and we will post it on the web and share it with others riders. Who know maybe the city will make it even safer.


One Response to “These are a few of my favourite things”

  1. Cathy R Says:

    My short commute takes me from Raymer to Ethel, down Ethel to Sutherland, and into the Capri area. 4 things of note:
    1. In the early spring, the sewage treatment plant at Raymer and Ethel takes advantage of warmer days to spread its lovely odour. Uhmmm…Good incentive to bike faster.
    2. In the late spring, the Russian Olive trees along Raymer start to bloom and give the sewage odours the old T.K.O. Now I bike slower, and enjoy fiercely the sweetest smell in the Okanagan.
    3. The Ethel and Rose/Guishican intersection by Cottonwoods needs repaving. I usually swerve into traffic to avoid a very bumpy ride.
    4. Bikes get stolen from the Capri, right from the front entrance AND locked entranceways! So far I’ve been lucky, but 4 colleagues have not.

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