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New Website and contact information

November 17, 2010

We welcome you to visit our new website at

To contact the Kelowna Area Cycling Coalition send an email to

Hope to see you at a meeting, event or out cycling.



Top Ten List

July 8, 2008

Here is a list of items that the Kelowna Area Cycling Coalition is working on or feels should be worked on by governments.

Some of these were brought up at the BC Cycling Coalition meeting June 14th at UBC-O.

Please send us your feedback.

Glenmore Rd. – This section of road is lacking Cycle lanes. It is an important Commuter and Recreational link but is dangerous to ride.

The Bridge – a Public Focus group formed by the Province in 1995, recommended the configuration (existent on the old bridge) of separated cycle/pedestrian lanes on both sides of the new bridge. Between 2001 (the last meeting held by the Province) and 2003 (when the Cycle Coalition became aware of a change of plans) the province made an ‘in-house’ decision to provide only one lane on the south side. The resulting configuration is less than satisfactory and acts as a deturrant to cycling.

Access to UBCO – since 1993 the Cycling community has been attempting to secure safe access to the Campus from both the North and the South side. Although there has been some progress, there are still barriers to safely accessing the site on a bicycle.

Signed Bike Routes – There is a need to create a defined series of dedicated, signed and traffic calmed cycle routes throughout the city. While this process has begun, it needs to be placed on a higher priority by the city.

Enforcement – there needs to be a more consistent enforcement of the laws and bylaws in the City (particularly; 1-the Helmet Law, 2-obeying the motor vehicle laws and 3-riding on the proper side of the road.)

Data – there needs to be accurate data on current route use by cyclists to provide a base line for future planning.

Communication – there needs to be a more formal communication system established between the cycling community and the city departments. The city has been supportive of the cycling initiative but it is important to have a defined method of communicating and recording cycling issues in a formal manner.

Coordination with the Regional district – many of the Cycling issues deal with the whole Region (outside of the city of Kelowna).

RSS Feeds Available

July 3, 2008

Don’t forget that you can use the RSS feeds link on this website to subscribe to any updates.

Look for these symbols depending on your browser.

BCCC Weekend in Kelowna Wine Country

June 2, 2008

Calling all cyclists in the Kelowna area from Kamloops to Osoyoos

The BCCC is please to hold a networking meeting jointly with the Kelowna Area Cycling Coalition and the UBC – Okanagan Cycling Coalition in Kelowna

When: Presentations and meeting on Saturday June 14th

with a cycling tour on Sunday, June 15

Where: UBC Okanagan

Room 366, Arts Building off University Way and Highway 97

Kelowna, BC V1V 1V7

British Columbia Cycling Coalition BCCC
Provincial Advocates for Transportational Cycling,

BCCC – Soaring Eagle proposal

March 11, 2008

I recently received this message from the B.C. Cycling Coalition. I have saved it as a .pdf file which can be found here:

BCCC proposal

This is the proposal they submitted at the beginning of March.


Soaring Eagle Wine Route Submission

March 3, 2008

Earlier this week I sent in the KACC submission regarding the Soaring Eagle bicycle route(s) through the Okanagan. This was mentioned in a previous post. All of the files noted below are small .pdf files.

The submission can be found here:

The South Okanagan Bike Club also forwarded a submission and a map of routes in the southern portion of the Okanagan. They can be found here:

South Okanagan Submission:

South Okanagan bike route map:

(once you reach the pages shown above, click on the box marked “Click here to start Download” and you should be given the choice to either download or open).

Even though the deadline was the 29th of February, it wouldn’t hurt to forward comments or ideas to Jack Becker of the B.C. Cycling Coalition (BCCC) at


Soaring Eagle Wine Route – KACC submission

February 8, 2008

At the Kelowna and Area Cycling Coalition meeting last night it was agreed that I would initiate a “conversation” regarding the Soaring Eagle Wine route, particularly in the Kelowna area. Ideas from the “conversation” will be put together and submitted before the 29th of this month.

I have just forwarded an email to a number of local cyclists about the route but this list does not include a large number of other cyclists in the area. If you have any suggestions good or bad about the route (from North of Vernon to Osoyoos) but particularly from Vernon to Penticton, please forward them as a comment to this blog and they will be posted. This is the easiest method for us to get the “conversation” going.

Please be detailed, providing the portion of the route you are concerned with and why it is good, bad or indifferent. Alternate routes should be considered as the general consensus at the KACC meeting yesterday was that Hwy 97 from Osoyoos to Vernon is not very good for cycling (heavy traffic, narrow shoulders in places etc.).

See Soaring Eagle for the map and route information.


Soaring Eagle Cycle Routes – help required

February 8, 2008

The BCCC is asking for assistance with the Soaring Eagle proposal. Firstly please put in submissions by the end of the month regarding favoured roads and trails for each of the three areas. The information can be found at:

Soaring Eagle

The request for assistance is as follows:

We need someone who would be interested in helping document cyclists’ feedback. Follow-up with cyclists with thanks, for clarifications, for additional information, and so on will be part of the activities along with documenting suggested routes, cyclists’ opinions, and suggestions. If you have 3 hours a week or so and are interested, please let me know – .

We need someone who could produce jpg map image of cyclists’ suggested routes. Access to Garmin’s Mapsource or other software programs which have topographical maps and roads would be required. Again, if you have three hours a week or so available and wish to get involved, let me know – .


KACC meeting this afternoon

February 7, 2008

Reminder that the Kelowna and Area Cycling Coalition meets at 4 pm this afternoon at the Bean Scene at 274 Bernard Ave.

The agenda includes:

a) Cycle Route Planning –– Section 1
b) UBCO access – Update –
c) Membership List (BCCC and City) – any additions?
d) Glenmore – Doug Elmore is getting ready for another push on the petition re: Glenmore road.
e) Bike to Work/School – May 4th to 10th
f) BCCC director’s meeting – for June 2008 – in Kelowna.
g) – the Soaring Eagle wine route (Circular route around the Okanagan) – submissions must be made by the end of February.

Please try to attend.


Recreation Trails Strategy for BC

February 4, 2008

I received the following information on the weekend.

The Recreation Trails Strategy for BC, is well into the second phase of development. The first phase, completed last year, assessed the status of BC’s current recreation trail network and proposed a process for developing a made-in-BC trails strategy. Phase 2 involves the development of a Trails Strategy by a broad-based Trails Strategy Committee.

The Committee’s task is to create an effective framework for guiding future decision making and establishing clear direction for the planning, managing, marketing and sustainable use of BC’s extensive trail network.

The Committee consists of members from provincial ministries and agencies;regional and local governments; academic institutions; recreation trail user groups, including the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC; and an Aboriginal representative to provide a First Nations perspective.

Your transportation, recreation, and touring cyclists representative is Jack Becker of the BCCC ( The mountain biking representative is James Brown of IMBA (

A primary task of the Committee is to address key issues identified in the trails survey conducted during phase 1 of the project. These issues include important considerations such as trail access, sustainable funding, insurance and liability, environmental concerns, compliance and enforcement, etc.

Cyclists note, that the definition of “Trails” includes rail-trails, dyke
paths, multi-use paths, among other paths which may be used for cycling.

Additional information, documents, and regular updates on the Recreation Trails Strategy for BC can be found on the MTSA website at:

Provincial Trails

Please review these documents and provide your thoughts, issues, and strategies on non-mountain biking cycling to Jack Becker ( These will be consolidated and passed on to the committee and the Ministry. Input to the next committee meeting should be provided by Feb. 25, 2008.