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First ride of 2010

March 22, 2010

The Coalition managed to get out for a group ride yesterday March 21st. Wonder how many other bike groups chose that day to get out for a ride.

We explored options for riding between Rutland and Downtown. While it was a Sunday there was still a bunch of traffic. There was some bike lane narrowing from time to time and a few stretches that needed sweeping.

We could have used a route along the railway for at least half of it if only the corporation would cooperate.

Where is Kelowna’s Rails to Trails project now? Ask your local politician.



These are a few of my favourite things

March 10, 2009

Son of a gun it was cold last night. Biking east-west was like biking up hill both ways. Sometime in the future remember it was -20 in the second week of March.

Part of my regular route these days is Burtch Ave, Guisachan Rd, Stillingfleet, Cameron and Morrison. There is a wonderful pedestrian crossing at Gordon and Cameron that could use a bicycle friendly light activation switch. I am going to ask the city for one.

Do you have a favourite route you would like others to know about? Write us and we will post it on the web and share it with others riders. Who know maybe the city will make it even safer.

Money for Bike Lanes

January 20, 2009

The City of Kelowna has provided a list of $70.7 million of potential infrastructure projects to both the federal and provincial governments should funds become available to help stimulate the economy.

“It is important to let our senior partners know we have projects that can be built this year to help stimulate our local economy and benefit the community in the long-term,” says Mayor Sharon Shepherd.

The City’s funding requests, in order of priority, include $8.8 million to construct multi-use pathways, including Lakeshore Road (Gyro Park to Mission Creek), Cawston Avenue (Rails with Trails to downtown) and Houghton Road (Rutland Road North to Highway 97); $3.4 million to upgrade the heritage Laurel Packinghouse; $11 million to build the Glenmore Road Bypass; $24 million to four-lane Highway 33 between Muir and Gallagher Road; $12.5 million to construct a four-lane bridge over Mission Creek on Gordon Drive and $11 million to bring sanitary sewer to Hall Road.

The City’s first priority for multi-use pathways supports a number of shared goals between the three levels of government. The off-road asphalt pathways promote alternative transportation, tourism, active living, and safety while helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“The Glenmore Bypass will occur in 2009 regardless of additional funding,” says Shepherd. “Additional funding would allow the City to reallocate funding currently earmarked for the Glenmore Bypass for other projects.”

There is currently no formal application process in place. However, the City is anticipating that any approved projects would be cost shared equally between all three levels of government. The above priorities are subject to change if senior government grants with specific criteria become available.

Still haven’t decided? Kelowna Election 2008

November 10, 2008

The following is a list of email addresses for the councillor candidates in Kelowna for the November 15th election. If you haven’t seen them speak or read any of their info please try emailing them your questions and concerns.

We need safe, accessible cycle facilities ASAP.

Let me know what you have here.


Matthew Reed
Dorothee Birker
André Blanleil
Kevin Craig
Donald Forbes
Gunnar Forrstrom
Joe Gates
Gunnar Forsstrom
Gretchen Gebhard
Brian Given
Mary-Ann Graham
Janice Henry
Jerry Hlady
Robert Hobson
Charlie Hodge
Graeme James
Cody Lanoue
Perry Mack
John Marshall
John Manton
Shelley Nicholl
Murli Pendharkar
Toby Pike
Andrew Powell
Mo Rajabally
J.C. Rathwell
Angela Reid
Michele Rule
Jason Rock
Lisa Simone
Luke Stack
Cheryl Stone
Mark Thompson
Bill Vaughn
Crystal Wariach
Scott Yule
John Zeger

Petition for Feasibiity Study of Bike Path on Glenmore Rd

October 22, 2008

This letter was received by Doug Elmore recently regarding the Glenmore bike path feasibility study:

Thank you for submitting your petition for the City of Kelowna and the District of Lake Country to undertake a feasibility study of constructing a bike path along Glenmore Rd from McKinley Landing Rd to Okanagan Centre Rd. As a follow-up to your petition, a budget submission has been made for funding in 2009 to undertake this feasibility study. I believe that Council will be deliberating on the 2009 budget in early January.

I trust this meets your needs at this time.

Best regards,
Ron Westlake

Doug then writes:
So, we’re at Step 2, we’ve done the 1100 signature petition, and the City has been moved by it. I think Step 3 is to rally the cycling community by making sure that everyone who signed the petition is put in the path of knowing that the project has moved forward. Also, it seems to me that we need the BC Cycling coalition to get on board some more with this specific project, and our larger schemes, the “Soaring Eagle” wine tourism route, and the push for Kelowna going Platinum Cycling Designation, like Portland, Oregon. Ideas from anyone will be much appreciated. I’m thinking we make hay during the civic election to make sure our issues are known by the public, and known by the politicians beyond our allies Mayor Shepherd and Robert Hobson.

Westside Saturday Ride – Cyclist Route Assessment Ride

October 14, 2008

Join the British Columbia Cycling Coalition on a Cyclist Route 
Assessment Ride.

The District of Westside is developing a Cycling Master Plan.  As 
input, selected routes within the District will be assessed for 
cycling suitability.
Should a route be part of the Cycling Network or should another road 
or path be instead?
What is uncomfortable with a road from a cyclist perspective?
What needs to be improved or changed?
What cycling design features would you like to have implemented on the road?
These are some of the questions which will be asked while cycling 
these selected routes.
Now, this is your opportunity to provide your input.  Come out on your 
bicycle and join the ride.

Date Saturday, October 18, 2008
Time 9:30 am for about 4 hours
Place Parking lot at Save on Foods
1 – 2475 Dobbin Road, between Elliott Rd and Brown Rd, Westbank
Refreshments Will be provided

RSVP would be appreciated but not 
Thanks for participating and looking forward to seeing you at the ride
Any questions, please e-mail

Invitation to Westside Public Consultation Workshops for Development of a Cycling Master Plan

October 2, 2008

The BCCC would like to invite you to a consultation workshop and an assessment ride, part of developing a Westside Cycling Master Plan.  We would also like to invite other cyclists to attend, as well.  We could really use your help in spreading the word.  Please feel free to forward this message and the attached invitation to anyone you feel would be interested, including cycling groups.  If it is appropriate, you may also consider posting the invitation letters and poster on your company or community bulletin boards.

The consultation will try to solicit input from wide and diverse parties from the cycling community and the general public which the Cycling Master Plan may affect.  Besides those who live or work in Westside, there are many cyclists from adjoining communities who regularly cycle in Westside who may wish to contribute their thoughts.

On Wednesday, Oct. 8th at 6:00 pm in the evening, there will be a Cyclist and Public Consultation Workshop giving cyclists and the public an opportunity to bring forth their input at the beginning of the Plan development.

On Saturday, October 18th, the British Columbia Cycling Coalition will be holding a Cyclist Route Assessment Ride allowing cyclists to voice their thoughts on cycling the roads of Westside and where they would like to see cycling facilities.

For your information, we have attached the invitation letters for the consultations and a poster for the ride.  Please use these as you see fit.

We will look forward to your participation in these two events.  Also, the project team really appreciates your effort to spread the word, especially with such short notice.

Thanks, Jack Becker

For more info on this initiative please visit:

Rails to Trails and the University

October 2, 2008

Last month the Provincial government and the city of Kelowna announced funding for another section of the rails to trails project. I would like to thank past and present members of the university cycling club and the Kelowna Area cycling coalition for their work on getting this moved up in priority. The word is that the project will be complete by next September. We hope that it gets completed on time and work also starts on the link from Sexsmith to Spall.

Our coalition would also like the parties to get together and solve the east access problems.

You can read more on this announcement at



September 18, 2008

Hopefully this announcement means safe access to the University and completion of the rails to trails project. The cycling coalition will try to stay involved and keep you informed.


VANCOUVER – Cyclists throughout British Columbia will benefit from new,

safe and high-quality cycling trails, bike lanes, bike lockers and more,

thanks to Bike BC, a $31-million program for cycling infrastructure,

Premier Gordon Campbell announced today.

More at

Cycling race movement could lead to bike lane

July 2, 2008

Doug Elmore has been advocating for a separate bike lane along Glenmore from McKinley to Lake Country.
Here is a link to a story with video. Way to go Doug!